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problem. what will it take to stop violence in oakland? only two weeks into the new year that are have already been 6 homicides. friday alone four were shot and killed and 11 more shootings over the weekend. the latest victims are just teenagers. the violence in the city is out of control and officials want a state of emergency. >> i think a state of emergency and also to call outreach out to over law enforcement, if it's the u.s. marshals, sheriff's, state police, that's what oakland needs to immediately to be able to deal with this crime. >> reporter: violent crime is up 23% in oakland. last year there were 131 homicides, the most in six years. police say the majority of the most recent violence is between feuding groups retaliating against one another using guns. witnesses to a shooting last night on seminary drive said they heard the sound of high- powered weapons. >> heard about 6 to 12 shots, they were loud. they seemed close. >> reporter: people who live
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and work in oakland have had enough and want a plan of action. >> we are calling for the mayor and chief to publicly announce the names of the gangs, where they operate geographically, who the leadership of those gangs are, and further, what methods they are using to recruit in our neighborhoods. >> reporter: people wanting answers will get some today. that press conference starts at 12:45. the police chief, mayor and others will be there to discuss the problem. elissa harrington, cbs 5. overnight temperatures created slippery traffic hazards in berkeley where black ice caused cars to crash. police say it started at one car hit the ice, lost control and crashed. >> first vehicle lost control and struck the first vehicle and a third vehicle hits the
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second vehicle and we have a dog pile. >> nobody was hurt and police say they are trying to see what caused water to freeze on the road. we are about to warm up. >> we'll probably see cold nights at least over the next couple. sunny and dry now, but a lot of that cold arctic air plunging right back into the bay area overnight lows this morning in the 20s and 30s. some of the valleys not quite as cold but still cold enough. 29 the expected low in livermore. about 28 degrees in fairfield. 29 in santa rosa, temperatures in the 30s inside the bay. so we have frost and freeze warnings for many of the intooer yor valleys as we expect the temperatures to plunge into the 20s and the 30s. but we have a taste of spring coming up.
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we'll talk about that coming up. >> thank you. the house is back in session today and president obama wasting no time this morning making it very clear to lawmakers what he expects in the coming days. danielle nottingham has more from the white house. >> reporter: it was the president's last news conference of his first term and he made his position clear, he will not negotiate with congress over raising the debt limit. president obama is calling on congress to raise the government's borrowing limit. >> raising the debt ceiling does not authorize us to spend more. all it does is say that america will pay its bills. and we are not a deadbeat nation. >> reporter: without a deal, the government could run out of money to pay its bills by late february or early march. but republican leaders are demanding significant spending cuts in exchange for any
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agreement to raise the debt ceiling. in a statement, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says the debted limit is the time to get on reducing spending. gun control is also an issue. >> responsible gun owners, people who have a gun for protection, for hunting, for sportsmanship, uhm, they don't have anything to worry about. >> reporter: the national rifle association has already made clear, it has enough support in congress to block legislation that restricts gun ownership. >> i would say that the likelihood is that they are not going to be able to get an assault weapons ban through this congress. >> reporter: moderate lawmakers say there is a better chance of passing laws that limit the number of bullets in ammunition magazines and improve background checks. vice president joe biden is meeting with house members today about gun control. the president said he would
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give details from the gun violence task force sometime later this week. at the white house, danielle nottingham, cbs 5. the 16-year-old who opened fire inside a california high school last week has been charged as an adult. the boy now identified as brian oliver facing attempted murder charges. on thursday, police say he brought a shotgun to class to taft union high school. one student was shot, a second injured trying to get away before a teacher finally talked oliver into putting the gun down. some good news for bush 41. the former president has been released from the houston hospital where he spent the last two months receiving treatment for bronchitis and fever. he is on the mend. checking the bay area watch now, one person was injured in an apartment fire in berkeley overnight. flames broke out around midnight at the building on 2300 block of acton street. one resident suffered smoke inhalation and burns to the arm. none of the other four units in the building were damaged.
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the cause is still under investigation. a consultant for pg&e says the company had property safety measures in place before the deadly san bruno explosion. the consultant testified before the state public utilities commission last week defending the utility against allegations its pipeline safety program was lax. pg&e promised to overhaul its system after that explosion back in 2010. it killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. overtime is taking a bite out of the muni budget in san francisco. 22 of the biggest overtime earners in the city last year why muni employees. they racked up a total of $18 million in overtime. 10 muni supervisors made more than $100,000 in overtime according to the "chronicle." and a pizza chain has settled a complaint with san francisco that it did not follow the city's health care law. the company will spend $320,000 some of that about $200,000
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going to current and former employees who were eligible for healthcare benefits but never received them. the city investigation discovered the chain charged customers a surcharge without using that money for healthcare as is required. still ahead, let the betting begin. the palace points us towards a possible due date and gift cards gone bad. the unpredictable things that can make your gift card void and what you can do about it. >> "argo" big at the golden globes but not what everyone likes it. what iran is doing to refute the award winning story. and the latest trend in food that may have you savoring every last bite while you still can.
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hear from the fed this afternoon.. billions of dollars in gift cards go to waste after the
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wall street is mixed as investors wait to hear from the fed this afternoon. it's up 30 points with an hour to go. billions of dollars in gift cards go to waste after the holidays. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains in many cases, you need to use it or lose it. >> i got this in the early '90s and i hope my daughter gets do wear it. >> reporter: her love for betsey johnson spans generations. >> this was my mom's. >> reporter: so when her husband gave her a betsey johnson gift card a couple of years ago, she was thrilled. >> it was a great gift. i was competed but i wanted to wait. >> reporter: she says she had a few pounds of baby weight she wanted to lose first but before she knew it, betsey filed bankruptcy and the gift card was no good. >> gift cards don't expire but sometimes stores do but if you get a gift card, use it sooner rather than later. >> reporter: russ haim rick of the state division of consumer affairs says while california
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does have some of the best consumer gift card protections, bankruptcy is not one of them. >> if it's a liquidation kind of bankruptcy, you're just another unsecured creditor so chances are you won't be able to use it. >> reporter: but bankruptcy never occurred to her, considering her favorite designer's long-running success. >> kiss, hug, kiss, betsey. >> reporter: now that betsy is making money online, she is stuck with a gift card that's no good. looks like betsey may have lost a fan. >> unless something happens where she redeems herself to her fan club, i just cannot see myself going out and purchasing anything from her from now on. >> reporter: it turns out betsey doesn't want to disappoint fans. we reached out to the company and shared her story and the company has now decided to honor all betsey johnson gift certificates online. to redeem old gift cards, call the customer service number and if you have a consumer
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complaint, call us, 1-888-5- helps-u. or head to bad news for bay area drivers. gas prices are on the rise again according to the latest lundberg survey. the average price of a gallon of gas nationally is up 7 cents in the last three weeks. we are paying much higher prices in california at $3.59. across the state the lowest average price is in sacramento at $3.46. the highest believed it or not in bakersfield where it's $3.65. be glad you aren't breathing the air in beijing today. china is battling dangerous levels of air pollution. the u.s. embassy in beijing is recording pollution levels exceeding even the worst category on the air quality index. last night it scored 755 out of 500. the city is expected to stay clouded in smog until winds pick up on wednesday. last year smog and hazed forced cancellation of almost 700
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flights at the airport in beijing. today, unexpectedly heavy snow in japan paralyzed public transit and caused serious car crashes. about 3" of snow fell in the tokyo area and more than 15" about 50 meals west of the city. japanese tv network says more than 250 people were injured in road accidents. hundreds of domestic flights canceled and some train lines altered, as well. >> you think of japan, you don't think of snow. >> that's what it would look like here if there was snow in san francisco. >> i got news for you. it felt like it. if we had a little precip, we would have had snow. >> we didn't get that. we had a little frost. nice clear skies as we sail into the afternoon. but the temperatures still staying down a bit. high pressure in control. you can see that wind making its way from the land, more of an offshore flow bringing cold continental air back into the bay area and that's why it's been frigid. clear across the bay. looking good this afternoon. temperatures still probably
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need a jacket out the door. 45 degrees right now in concord. 44 in livermore. 47 in san francisco. and a cool 46 degrees right now in san jose. looks like the afternoon going to be very nice although it's going to be chilly in spots especially in the east bay. seeing highs top out in the upper 40s in some areas there. and then tonight, a clear night, probably another still chilly night not as cold as this morning and then staying dry but it looks like some warmer weather maybe even a little hint of spring toward the middle of this week. so with that in mind, tonight cold with freeze warnings going:tonight again in many of the interior valleys. temperatures are expected to drop off into the 20s and 30s. and it looks like just probably the last real cold night and i think after that the atmosphere is going to moderate somewhat and that means high pressure has taken over. so with that ridge building in the next couple of days, it will bring warmer air on the way. it looks like it's going to stay nice and dry for the next five to seven days. around the state you will find
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temperatures cool in the interior 40s into the central valley only 28 degrees in lake tahoe and plenty of sunshine around the state. skies staying mostly clear maybe a hint or two of a couple of passing clouds but that's about it. otherwise, we are going to see those cold temperatures again early tomorrow morning so bundle up bay area. it is going to be a chilly morning once again. temperatures as we head in toward the afternoon today 53 degrees in san jose. 51 in pacifica. east bay numbers again 40s and low 50s by the afternoon. some of the warmer temperatures may be in the north bay as high as 55 in santa rose and 52 in san francisco. so, as we look out over the next couple of days, a return of some spring-like weather. in fact we usually get one week where it all feels like spring during the month and this may be it. after that, i think it looks like we may see a return to some wet weather and a whole wet pattern opening up late next week. so enjoy the sunshine while we have it. looks like changes are coming up. >> that's like a chamber of commerce week right there. >> it is gorgeous! >> come so san francisco where
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it's sunny! >> thank you. well, in today's healthwatch, you may be able to tweet your way to shedding a few pounds. a new study from the university of south carolina found that twitter can actually help you lose weight. researchers followed nearly 100 people. the group connected to twitter received informational tweets from a weight loss counselor and provided support for one another. the group lost more weight than the non-tweeters. coca-cola is taking to the airwaves to combat obesity. the company is airing ads ahe is degree the issue or cable -- is addressing the issue on cable networks. their record of providing drinks with fewer calories and weight gain is the result of consuming too many calories of any kind not just from soda is the focus. coca-cola says the ads are just part of a big push to address obesity in the coming years. how does dinner in a bottle sound? according to advertisers, one trend we'll see in the food industry this year is companies
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turning solid food into liquids. some big name brands are already on board. kellogg's recently launched breakfast to go shakes. the point here making eating more convenient for people on the go. well, if you are still into eating solid food, today tony tantillo is showing us how to pick out the ripest red navel orange. >> reporter: today's tip of the day is red navel oranges from florida. this is the time of the year where they are coming in. they have no seeds. red navel oranges. now, at one time these were very hard to find. only certain markets would have them like gourmet markets specialty markets but now you can find them everywhere. they are loaded with flavor. a little bit harder to peel than the california navel oranges but look inside. look at that beautiful color that they have. when you buy them, make sure like all citrus nice and heavy very important. the navel on the bottom has to be small, so the thinner the peel. when you bring them store them
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on the counter. cold temperatures will turn the beautiful juice there to pulp and that you don't want. red navel oranges from florida great value and a great flavor. and i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. oh, they smell so good, too! >> thank you, tony. when we come back, the big winners at last night's golden globe awards and new details about the princess' pregnancy, a royal due date announced. that and more coming up.
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"and the golden globe goes to argo" a big night for ben afleck at the golden globes last and the golden globe goes to... "argo"! [ applause and cheers ] >> big night for ben affleck at the golden globes last night. he got best director and best movie drama for "argo." host amy poehler and tina fey were a hit, as well. the night was full of surprised including former president bill clinton who introduced best picture nominee "lincoln." some of the other winners, adele won for best score, "les mis" won for best movie, musical comedy best actor in a drama daniel day-lewis for "lincoln," he was amazing. actress in a drama jessica chastain for "zero dark thirty." actor in a comedy or musical hugh jackman fo "les mis" and jennifer lawrence. "argo" may have won audiences in america, but iran plans to make a movie in
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response to that movie. "argo" tells the story of a secret operation in which six americans are rescued from iran after revolutionaries occupied the u.s. embassy in tehran back in 1979. the iranian response film called the general staff will reportedly tell the story of 20 american hostages delivered to the united states by iran revolutionaries. lance armstrong will make a limited confession he says when he sits down with oprah winfrey today. armstrong was stripped of 7 tour de france titles last year amid a lengthy doping scandal and investigation. he said he will speak candidly with oprah today and is expected to apologize. the interview airs thursday on oprah's network own. royal watchers now have a royal baby due date. buckingham palace announced today that prince walmart and kate middleton's first child is due in july. the duchess of cambridge is said to be improving. she was hospitalized earlier in
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her pregnancy for severe morning sickness. a royal baby will be third in line for the british throne. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer
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the fight against heart disease -- the two ingredients women can add to their diets... that can cut their risk of a heart attack by 30-plus % th a new weapon in the fight against heart disease. the two ingredients women can eat to cut heart attack risk by
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30%. that and more at 5:00. general motors has unveiled the latest corvette, lawrence! the stingray is more fuel- efficient and safer than past models. no price tag yet but it will cost at least $50,000. >> i'm ready for that. that's a good one. >> that's it. we'll have 2. have a great afternoon. bundle up. captions by: caption colorado
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>> steffy: i'm pregnant. >> hope: i used to worry so much, always second-guessing myself and making sure i was doing everything right and -- and making sure you were, too. there were just -- there were no surprises. it's like we forgot how to have fun. but i now know that you can't take life too seriously. you have to enjoy it. but i wasn't. i was too busy living it the way i thought it should be lived. >> liam: [ chuckles ] hope, you -- >> hope: no, liam, it's -- it's

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